Favourite Books of 2018

I love settling into a good book, whether it be an enthralling story, or an informative non-fiction book. Each morning, along with my tea, I devote some time to reading non-fiction. At night, I look forward to crawling into bed, picking up my book and immersing myself in another … Continue reading

2, 3, 4 Words or More

Words. They have the power to heal. To hurt. Inspire. Encourage. Soothe. Dissuade, persuade and everything in between. One of my #SummitFriends, Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter, uses words to serve as a guidepost for the year, which she has been doing since 2013. In a tweet,  Jacqui gently … Continue reading

Treatment Decisions

Today's patient is much more involved in treatment decisions. Long gone are the days when the doctor prescribed and the patient swallowed. Patients often arrive at the doctor's office armed with information that may or may not be factual. Patients' groups, medical websites, research papers and … Continue reading