• It’s just stress

    …it’s normal. Well, normal is not always natural! Natural is the way you’re meant to be, before stress took your life hostage.

    It’s just stress
  • What brings you joy

    …makes your heart sing? One side-effect of stress is that we often give up doing the very things that could help us deal with our stress.

    What brings you joy
  • Fear can motivate

    …but it doesn’t allow creativity to flourish. Instead fear activates the stress response which shuts down the creative process.

    Fear can motivate
  • Your abilities

    …are not diminished when you operate from a state of calm. Don’t let the habit of over-drive stress lead you down the wrong path.  

    Your abilities


My name is Marianna Paulson, aka Auntie Stress. I teach anti-stress techniques and strategies that will help you transform your stress. Learn to treat the cause of stress, and not just the symptoms.

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• corporate and small group workshops
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When you feel powerless to change, I can help you unlock the skills you need to navigate your way out of the stress maze.

Getting to the Heart of the Matter

“I found the session, ‘Stress – Getting to the Heart of the Matter’ by Marianna Paulson to be both informative and invigorating. The information was detailed, well-presented and provided opportunities to engage the participants with hands-on activities. I was inspired both personally and professionally to learn more on this topic and will use the techniques outlined to cope with stress in my daily life.”

~ Janice Adams, Manager/Employment Counsellor at Employment Services in Fort Nelson, B.C.