A Rheumful of Tips - 365 days of tips for moving through life with rheumatoid arthritis

From August 2011 to September 2012, I wrote a daily blog post to gradually share a lifetime's worth of coping skills and initiatives that I had been collecting since I was diagnosed - as a teenager - with rheumatoid arthritis.

Life with a debilitating and chronic disease presents daily challenges. Everyday tasks, that many take for granted, can prove to be painful and frustrating, not only draining your energy, but making your world smaller. These tips are my way of sharing how I learned to live with the disease and make my life more manageable.

I stopped writing after one full year, at 365 tips. It took an earthquake to ignite a further series of tips as I realized there was still so much more to share. I accepted the challenge to pursue 100 more and during this time my blog was nominated for the Healthline Best Health Blog of 2012 Contest. When the 90 days' of voting had finished, I found my blog had made it all the way up into 11th place! Thank you to everyone who voted - and for whichever blog you voted for - as it's the readers who make blogging what it is.

My resolve is to write a full 600 tips and then retire A Rheumful of Tips in order to move on to a new project. All shall be revealed.