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Your energetic signature is impacted by how you feel. When you're not in a good place, it tends to be messily written or suppressed.

Think about when you meet up with a friend. Even before they say something, you can often tell how they're feeling. Or perhaps you entered a room and although you didn't witness it, you knew that an unpleasant interaction occurred between the people there. They were so angry that you could almost see the icicles forming. In a third scenario, you enter a doctor's office and immediately sense that this is a place that oozes a soothing balm of calm and care. These are just some examples of subtle energy at work.

Try This:

Before you engage with someone, sharpen your ability to read that person's energetic signature. Can you pinpoint how they are feeling by a variety of "tells?" Check out their posture, the muscles in their face (around the eyes, mouth, jaw and neck) or maybe even the speed with which they breathe and how they breathe. Are the neck and chest muscles the primary drivers of breathing, as opposed to the diaphragm? FYI: check how you are breathing with this exercise.

The next step is to notice how you begin to feel when you come into contact with this person. Does your energy and mood plummet or improve? Are you impacted by the contagion of emotions? How are you impacting the other person?

Do you remember how you learned to read? Reading the energetic signature of another person is similar. With practice, you improve.

Good Energy

While out on a walk, I met up with a dog and owner. The dog immediately came to me for some patting. The owner remarked, "Oh, you must have good energy. She doesn’t go to very many people." That comment made me feel good.

However, her next sentence made me laugh, even though it could have punctured my ebullience. "For dogs, anyway."


When I told two separate friends about this encounter, both of them took offense on my behalf. While I appreciate that they were supportive, I, on the other hand, was quite proud of myself. It showed that I had learned, changed and grown. At least in that situation.

Through the personal work I do, regularly addressing and undressing my stress, plus with the use of other modalities, I was able to recognize two things.

  1. I was able to change my perspective. Instead of getting upset, I reasoned that the woman probably didn't really think about what she was saying; she just blurted out the first thing that came to her. Then again, maybe she did. I don't know that, so I'm not going to fret over that.
  2. I wasn't defensive for the simple reason that I knew in my heart that I had good energy. Especially on that day. So what she said was untrue, and as a result, it did not matter to me. Those "sticks and stones" did not hurt me.

How To Improve Your Energetic Signature

Pain, heartache, illness, loneliness, fear, frustration, grief, anger, sadness, longing... The list is long. But so is this one: satisfied, grateful, joyful, happy, love, serene, hopeful, trusting, buoyant, energetic, content...

How do you get from the first to the latter? With the power of your heart and practice. Life is full of hurdles, roadblocks and, let's face it, turmoil. (I am dealing with more than enough of the latter, right now.)

Without these techniques on board, I think I might have jumped off one of the many bridges in the Lower Mainland by now.

Recently, a friend wondered how I managed to maintain my equilibrium. "How can you carry on with your self-care strategies with all that is going on?" he asked. As I told him, I do it because if I don't, it becomes a downward spiral. Before I became Auntie Stress, I had nauseating turns on that horrible ride. I make the choice to work on my mental and physical health everyday, even when I don't feel like it. On those days, I do an abbreviated form of heartmindbody work. (By the way, the stress techniques I teach can be done 24/7, right in the moment of stressful situations. No need to be like Elvis and leave the building, much less the room!) The result: an improved energetic signature and the ability to weather the storms, as fierce as they currently are.

Try This:

Cultivate a feeling of appreciation. Use as many of your senses as possible.  Are your thoughts wandering off like ants in a disturbed ant pile? How often are you in the here and now? For example, it may seem inconsequential, but listen to that delightful sound that is made when you slice green onions. I love that sound, so I turn it into an act of appreciation. My thoughts are not scurrying off in all directions, since they are focused on how much I like that sound. The more you are able to find things to be grateful for, the greater the magnitude of gratitude.

Your heart is the strongest organ in the body. Use it to transform your stress, improve your energetic signature and feel better, emotionally, mentally, physically, socially and spiritually. Do it for the health of it!

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