Sometimes You Gotta Just Stop…

Marianna, sitting on a swing at a local park....and swing!

My morning walking route often takes me by several playgrounds; for no reason at all, I stopped and hopped onto a swing. I chose to heed the call of the gently swaying swings that were beckoning me to stop, sit and enjoy a few minutes of simplicity and ease.

It was a purposeful slowing down. A delicious moment that let me savour the childhood experience of joy and freedom that comes from the physics of playing on a swing.

Are You Missing Something?

We are so intent and focused on being an adult that we often forget to play. Even when we exercise, we have a purpose, an end goal. Rather than taking some time to simply enjoy and appreciate the movement, motion and environment, we often huff and puff our way through to the end of our workout. Like a car hurtling along the freeway, we miss points of interest that could add joy and interest to our journey.

I agree that it's important to meet one's exercise goals: endurance, flexibility, strength, etc. However, it's equally important to notice the finer points, the more elusive ones. Start by asking yourself how you can build awareness into your fitness routines. Mentally, emotionally and even physically, pause or slow down to notice what's happening in and around you. Take time to enjoy swinging through life. How is your body serving you? How are you serving your body? Are you beating it up or do you treat it with respect?

I've learned that it's important to love my body, even though I live with a chronic, debilitating disease. I regularly cultivate awareness and appreciation of the things I can still do, such as swinging with no other purpose than to enjoy the ride. How about you?

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Cliff H.

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