#581 – Read with Ease: Thumb Page Book Holder

Thumb Page Holder
Thumb Page Holder
Holding a book open with the thumb page holder
Reading a thick book is much easier with a thumb page holder.

Reading in bed is the perfect ending to the day, regardless of what type of day I've had. However, when RA makes a mess of your hands, it can be difficult to hold a thick book open for any length of time. Or even a short time, for that matter! If it's my own book, I'll ask my husband to do a little "chiropractic" work on its spine. See: Paperback Reader.

When a friend sent around an email with images of inventions, one of them immediately caught my eye. It was the Thumb Book Page Holder. It seemed like a much better and cooler - literally - idea than the Book Seat. Plus, it's a lot more portable, that's if travel actually happens anytime soon!

I asked Maarten Meerman if he could make one for me. He salvaged some wood from an apple tree and created a work of art. It easily holds books open; it could also do double duty as a worry stone, especially since it is so "rub-able." Do you remember when they were popular?

When I rub the baby-skin soft thumb book holder, it makes me wonder whether there are some skin softening properties that have yet to be tapped from an apple tree!

Purchase Your Thumb Book Page Holder

RA or no RA, this is a perfect gift for the reader in your life.

No "Maarten" in your life? Click to choose from the many thumb book page holders available on Amazon.

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