#579 – Budget Tip: RA Feet Walking Away from Your Favourite Shoes?

When you have rheumatoid arthritis, even the most ordinary of things like the height of the heels on your footwear can cause you a lot of pain. I concur with Joanna; it's not only been years, but decades since I've worn heels.

Even the slightest incline can put extra weight on your RA-ravaged feet. The lexicone for RA foot problems include metatarsal heads (balls of the feet), bunions, claw toes. If you're not squeamish, you can see an image of my corrective forefoot surgery here: Rheumatoid Arthritis - Hot Under the Collar.

Rather than letting my what-I-thought-wearable shoes languish in the closet, I've come up with a solution.

Modified soles for RA feet.
Modified soles for RA feet.

If you're fortunate enough to have a cobbler - aka a shoemaker (a disappearing trade) - in your area, take in your neglected shoes and ask them to even out the soles. Dependent upon the footwear, sometimes they glue on a wedge to level out the foot bed. Other times, it's a simpler job, like what you see in the photo of my "Dorothy wannabe" boots.

I initially struggled with the decision to categorize this as a budget tip. When you take your shoes to the cobbler for modification, it's not an inexpensive job. However, if you consider the cost of shoes you don't wear, it makes sense not to walk away from them. You may even be able to strike a deal if you have a number of shoes and boots that need altering.

Your RA feet will no longer be walking away from your shoes once you get them altered - either your shoes, or maybe even your feet!

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