#578 – Budget Tip: Grocery Cart

Who wants to touch grocery cart handles, especially during COVID-19? Really, who wants to touch them at any time?

I wanted to walk to the grocery store for my groceries, so I came up with what I thought was a good way to transport my groceries. Unfortunately, it was a good idea, gone bad.

It was my Goldilocks moment; but instead of searching for the just-right porridge, chairs and bed, I was searching for the just-right shopping cart.

auntie stress metal cart
I have this wire push cart, but it is too difficult to steer when it is full. Plus the handles are too low to be comfortable.
auntie stress shopping cart
In the past, I've used this type of pull-behind cart. When it's full of groceries, it's hard on my wrist, elbow and shoulder.

The Theory

I like to practice the 3 R's as much as possible. When I can combine it with exercise and make it joint-friendly as well, it's a win-win-win situation.

The Method

A bungee cord secured my cooler "baby" in the stroller. The stroller would be a good base for my strollergrocerycart as it had great "turnability." Plus, I could push it, rather than pull it behind me, which makes it easier on my hands, wrist and elbow. So far, so good.

Off I went on my ten minute walk to the grocery store. Once inside the store, I worked my way through my grocery list, placing the items into my strollergrocerycart.

After paying for my purchases, I left the store. That's when this good idea (or so I thought), went bad.

That ten-minute walk to the store turned into a thirty-five minute walk home. The strollergrocerycart would veer off to the right or left, making it difficult to maneuver. Let's just say that if the police were around, they'd probably want to give me a ticket!

The Problems

  1. The handles are too low. My posture was such that I was hunched over as I pushed it. It needed to be at least eight inches taller.
  2. Every couple of steps, my feet would hit the axle.
  3. Once the groceries were placed inside the cooler, it became difficult to steer properly. I think the weight distribution of the groceries caused my erratic "driving." 
  4. I don’t have the hand strength to unfold and fold up the stroller for storage. Manufacturers should be aware of this if they are selling to parents who have RA.

As I type this post, I realize that instead of using a stroller, it would have been a better idea to upcycle a baby carriage.

Now, where is Maarten Meerman when I need him? 😉

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