Book Review & Giveaway: The Gifted Journey

As you can see, The Gifted Journey - Five Transformative Steps to Uncovering Your Unique Path by Stephanie Moore has a butterfly pictured on its cover. Work through the deceptively simple, yet profound exercises, to spread your wings to:

"Discover, discern, design and do what you were always intended to do."

The Gifted Journey is for anyone questioning their direction in life, including those about to apply for colleges, those just starting out in their careers, downsizing statistics, or those who are simply unhappy with their current path and need some course correction. Each of these situations can be a powerful catalyst to seeking change, and the five steps in The Gifted Journey can help readers uncover their gifts and put them to work. The pages are peppered with personal anecdotes that add clarity and depth to The Gifted Journey process.

Have a Heart

In Chapter 1, Stephanie informs you that your path must have a heart - something that speaks to my heart! On page 9, she says:

"It is sometimes easier to recognize when a path does not have a heart because you may feel anxious, frustrated, drained, or stressed. A path without a heart can also trigger certain reactions like impatience, exhaustion, or depression, which, if let untreated can lead to complications like high blood pressure, ulcers, headaches, chronic fatigue, or worse."

These are all signs and symptoms of stress. When you access the power of your heart, you can use it to clear the brambles from your path, so that you have a better idea of where you're going, with less chance of stumbling. When you improve your heart coherence, you positively affect your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health. When you feel better, you are able to engage more in life and career-affirming/discovering behaviours.

When you work on the exercises in The Gifted Journey, you are approaching it from the other direction. Haven't you noticed that when you take positive action, you begin to feel better? That's a sign that you are moving out of the Stress Zone. It's important for your health and well-being to have a purpose and to be engaged in things that are meaningful to you.


"The Discern step can be difficult to complete effectively on your own and with only your individual reflection and interpretation. The reason this is difficult for many is because we tend to downplay the significance of our past, our accomplishments, our joy, and our happiness, especially if we are currently in a more difficult place in our journey. We tend to forget those times of joy and satisfaction if the current path is unsatisfying or stress-filled. This is where an outside perspective is highly beneficial." (Page 45)

The two p's - perspective and perception are often skewed during stressful times. Address and undress your stress to gain clarity and truly listen and take it what that outside perspective is sharing with you.

I love how something I read or watch often ties in with something about which I'm writing. In Pinkcast 3.02, Daniel Pink shares a wonderful gratitude exercise that can give you a different perspective, and one, when regularly practiced, can bring you more clarity when you do the things you do, like completing the exercises in The Gifted Journey. Gratitude is a wonderful way in which to address your stress.

Spread Those Wings

The Gifted Journey offers a strategy that can help you spread your wings and alight on a new path that is more in line with who you are.

I like the fact that Stephanie admits that some of the exercises will be challenging for certain people. For example, on page 73, she has this to say about introverts:

"Don't feel you have to somehow become an extrovert. This is where being a great listener can really pay off."

To achieve occupational metamorphosis, you need a strategy such as the one found in The Gifted Journey. Work through the book to identify your strengths and skills so that you can embrace and share the gift of you.

Where to Start

You can jump right in and sign up for one of Stephanie's workshops or retreats. (Hawaii, anyone?) Purchase your own copy of The Gifted Journey, or follow the instructions below to enter the giveaway for The Gifted Journey.

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