#558 – An Exercise Tip for Lazy Bones

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I make sure I get some form of exercise on a daily basis. I sleep better, yes, but the big pay-off is that I feel better.

Having Holly helps as dogs need to be walked in rain, hail, sleet or sun. However, there are days when I feel like a lazy bones. Marianna's Law as Applied to Exercise usually gets me to the pool. As incentive, I agree to do half my swim. Invariably, I end up doing the full workout, since I'm already in the water.

If I'm feeling lazy I recall all the times in the past when everything hurt to move. When I was in excruciating pain before my hip replacements. How my feet felt before forefoot reconstructive surgery (Warning! Graphic image on that page!). When I even needed help pulling the blankets up at night. Yes, I think about that. Then, I reflect upon how grateful I am that I can go for a Holly dog walk or enjoy a refreshing swim.

Listening to my body means that unless I am in agony or are in dire need of rest, I give my lazy bones a wake-up shake and make sure I do something physical, even if it's only to get up and dance around the living room. Dancing just isn't Holly's thing. Her predecessor Murphy would often join me whenever I said, "Murphy, dance!"

Mobility - please don't take it for granted! The best way I know to honour my mobility is to move. Plus, it's a great way to build in the practice of gratitude which has enormous health benefits.

This also goes for all you able-bodied people who prefer the couch. If you can move easily, do so! Do it for those who cannot.

Move it, don't lose it! If you've got it back, be grateful and move it again!

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  1. That is so true. I have had a year of little movement, and on my way to more foot surgery and casts. All I know is I want my bicycle instead of a knee scooter. Hurry up healed foot and warm weather.

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