#554 – Measure Once, Bake Twice

Every second week or so, I bake. The current favourites are one of three things: banana muffins, ginger cookies or Aussie Bites, which you see pictured.

Since these are regular treats, I decided to save time and dishes in the baking process. If I measure once, I can bake twice or even thrice. Since I'm measuring out the dry ingredients anyway, I measure them out for the next batch then store them in an airtight container. When I'm ready to make the recipe again, half the job is already done!

Here is the recipe I used for these Aussie Bites. I omitted the sugar altogether as I found them to be quite sweet and added some cinnamon. I don't have mini muffin pans so I used my regular-sized ones and filled each section half way. I then used a glass which I dipped in water to prevent sticking to compress the mixture. I doubled the recipe and froze most of them.

A jar of dry ingredients along with the recipe would make a great gift, too! Or if you're feeling industrious, you could present the goodies ready-baked.

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