#549 – Pastry Blender to Potato Masher

auntie stress Pastry Blender Potato Masher

If you have compromised hand and wrist function, kitchen chores, like mashing potatoes, can be a challenge. Good tools are essential, as is finding creative uses for the items you already have.

I have a pointy-ended potato masher (see bottom right image) which doubles as a torture device! I had to press down on the end of the handle to apply enough pressure to mash those spuds. While I was getting the job done, I was also gouging my palm. A mixer or food processor works, but sometimes I don't feel like hauling out or dirtying those items.

I was delighted when I found a pastry blender with a handle that is ergonomically-suited to me. It allows me to keep my wrist in a neutral position while I mash, mash, mash those potatoes. My mother-in-law blesses me each time she uses the one I gave to her. My sister-in-law used it at Christmas and she raved about it. Guess what she's getting as a gift? Shhh, don't tell her!

If you're new to stocking a kitchen or are new to RA, I'd suggest that you select a potato masher or a pastry blender with a handle that is horizontal. If you can't find one, at least choose a potato masher that has a rounded tip on the handle (see bottom left image).

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  1. What a great idea. I knwo someone with RA and I will pass the idea on. Now Mrs Phillips is particular about her kitchen tools. I learned 40 years ago, she needs to find her tools in her own time. but well suggestions,,, actually no, not even suggestions. LOL

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