Escape From Technology to Manage Your Chronic Illness

Technology is great when it works. When it doesn't, a lot of time is spent (wasted) fixing the problem. Whether you do it yourself or find an outside source to fix the glitch, plug the leak or simply get it operational, fear (Am I doing it right? Am I compromised?) and frustration (Arrggghhh!) can grow exponentially. It's enough to make you want to escape from technology, but in 2018, what can you do?

Long gone are the days when you bought a telephone or television and just plugged in it. Perhaps one of the reason we're so time-starved is because we spend most of it trying to keep pace with ever-evolving technology. It's seductive, it makes things easier (sometimes) and everyone is doing it. Or are they?

On I wrote:

From healthcare to banking, there’s no doubt that we’re heavily reliant on technology. However, not everyone wants to live in the digital world. Some people are simply not comfortable with it, while others wish to spend less time tethered to their technological devices. Click through for ten simple analog ways to manage your chronic illness.

Click to read the rest of 10 Non-Tech Ways to Manage RA and Other Chronic Illnesses.

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  1. True! Great when it works but a total time and soul-sucker (dramatic, yes!) that increases anxiety when it doesn’t. Healthy to take a critical look at our relationship with technology and wonder if it’s more harmful than helpful!

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