Give an Experience-Based Gift

Experience-based gifts are becoming more of the norm. In Vancouver, there's a website that encourages you to "create memories, not garbage" by choosing to gift an experience.

Experiences involve so many more senses, which helps to build your memories. The photographs you take during the experience become memory triggers and conversation starters, as well. If you decide to accompany the giftee on their experience, you have an opportunity to strengthen the bonds of your relationship. In my books, that's a gift that keeps on giving.

To help you get started, my latest slideshow is packed with experienced-based gift ideas for people with a range of interests, even if they don't have a chronic illness:

10 Experience-Based Gifts for People with Chronic Illness

Another benefit to giving experience-based gifts is that you can avoid some of the holiday hysteria by staying out of the shopping frenzy. In my latest newsletter, I offer some suggestions to help you on your travels through December.

Happy Holidays!

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