#537 – #RABlogWeek: Day 3 – Partners

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I looked up the idioms for the word "partner", then I played around with them to link them to my life with RA.

Silent Partner

When I first started exhibiting symptoms forty years ago, RA was like a silent partner. It crept up on me, only showing itself in my hands and feet. From there, it became...

Partner in Crime

It seemed a crime had been committed! I was an unwilling accomplice. My immune system was the perpetrator, one that still sneaks around from time to time. We became...

Sparring Partners

Dancing around the ring like mismatched boxers ready to take a swing. Points were scored for energy drain or energy gain; pain/no pain; mobility/disability; frustration/contentment; sadness/joy. The scoreboard changes, hourly, weekly, monthly, yearly. A knockout? Nope! A knockdown? Yes, and get back up to...

Partner Up

Friends, family, health care team. Find support. Have fun. Engage in activities. Participate in life as best as I can.

Life Partner

Understanding. Support. Dreams. Peace. Together and Apart. Frustration. Tears. Forgiveness. Acceptance. Love.

Sleeping Partner

Sometimes the sleeping partner is true in the figurative sense. They're not present as the rumblings of RA can make for a restless sleep. A sleep divorce can ensure that both parties sleep better. This brings us back to...

Life Partner

Understanding. Support. Dreams. Peace. Together and Apart. Forgiveness. Acceptance. Love.

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