#533 – Double Up on Things That Work

Yes, you are seeing double. That's intentional.

It's taken me longer than I care to admit that when I find a product that works well for me, such as these shoes, that I should buy more.

I've written about what I love about the water shoes you see in this picture. After posting, I hurried off and bought another pair. Lucky for me, they were on sale!

I loved my first pair of Merrell slip-ons so much that I bought a second pair, just in case they stopped making them. Isn't that often the case? You find something you love and when you go to replace it, it's no longer available. For a slip-on they're surprisingly comfortable. The sole provides support, yet is cushioned enough to treat my RA feet with TLC. I also like the fact that they allow air to circulate. No one likes stinky, sweaty feet!

Recently, I found some baby-skin soft bamboo blend underwear at Mark's. Yes, my mother would be horrified. I agree that maybe it's a little TMI - too much information! Regardless, I'm planning on stocking up because they're just too good not to have.

When you have a chronic condition, some things become very important. For me, it's shoes. While the bamboo blend underwear is comfortable to wear, it's not crucial that I have them. However, Lene Andersen has a different take on them, which she describes in her epigrammatic style on A Farewell to Underpants. One word: fibromyalgia.

Whatever is important to you, whether it makes your life easier, more comfortable and/or aesthetically pleasing, you may wish to double up. Now, if only I had bought a second three-quarter-length sleeve black sweater with the cute polka-dotted placket!

2 Replies to “#533 – Double Up on Things That Work”

  1. LOL, I like the idea of seeing double. Unfortunately, Sheryl is not a prepurchaser of anything, let alone something like shoes but especially like computers. Now buying two of those seems like the perfect idea to me. LOL

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