Fitness Tips That Won’t Break the Budget

Thrifty Home Fitness Tips for RA is the title of my latest I share a number of ways you can boost your activity without breaking your budget.

Any activity is better than no activity and science is now proving that small bursts of activity can reap heaping blasts of benefits. Take advantage of your time at home to move into better health. You can also do it while you're at work by taking advantage of your breaks. Instead of spending all your breaks checking your social media sites, invest in some power movements. Which one will leave you in a better place?

If you have rheumatoid arthritis, you might be inclined to remain frozen in place because movement hurts. Start small, get moving and pay strict attention to how you feel afterwards. Often, you'll find that you're not as stiff as you were before getting yourself in gear, which is confirmed by this study that found that inflammation was reduced in as little as twenty minutes.

In Benefits of Exercise in Rheumatoid Arthritis, an abstract that appeared in the Journal of Aging, the authors summarized their findings by stating that:

"(i) Exercise can reduce pain, morning stiffness, and even reduce fatigue in RA; (ii) exercise can improve functional ability and psychological well-being; (iii) exercise has not been shown to exacerbate disease activity."

Don't let expensive gym memberships or costly home fitness equipment prevent you from adding the movement your body craves and needs. Move or lose it definitely applies when it comes to life with RA. What is one movement you can add to your day? Become successful at consistently doing it, then add another, and another.

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