On New Year’s Traditions

I have several New Year's traditions, one of which is to to do Stop! Start! Continue....

However, this year, I wanted to add a new one into the mix. In my search, I came across Dinner for One, a British comedy sketch that is a New Year's Eve tradition in a number of European countries. It's a first for me, so I've decided to share it with you.

My wish for you is that you live a long, happy and healthy life, surrounded by friends and family. May your dinner table be a place of much mirth and memories. May you continue to revel in the traditions that reflect your heritage, but may you also adopt some new ones that are meaningful to you and yours!

To mark the new year, why not add a new tradition? To get you started, here are 17 Unusual Ways People Celebrate the New Year from around the world. Perhaps you could combine them to make a custom fit New Year's tradition?

My mother always made oliebollen for New Year's Day. I've never made them, but I may do so tomorrow. Who knows, this may become a tradition that I introduce to my in-laws.

Since we are still in holiday mood, here is my latest post on HealthCentral.com: RA Resolutions for the Holidays and Beyond.

Will it be the "same procedure as last year", or will you implement some new ones for the H.O.L.I.D.A.Y. and beyond?

Over to you:

  • What traditional food did/do you enjoy on New Year's?
  • Do you mark the year's end/beginning with something from your heritage?
  • Have you implemented a new ritual for the New Year?

Happy New Year!

4 Replies to “On New Year’s Traditions”

    1. I think it’ll become part of our New Year’s traditions.

      All the best for 2017, Beth! Thanks for all your support. It would be lovely to meet one day, wouldn’t it?

  1. Dinner for One is shown on Danish TV every New Year’s Eve. I grew up watching this and several years ago found it so I could start watching it on New Year’s Eve all over again. It’s wonderful!

    1. Godt Nytår, Lene! I love that you are able to recapture a New Year’s Eve memory, thanks to the internet.

      It’s a Wonderful Life and Love Actually are part of my Christmas traditions. Now, Dinner for One will become a New Year’s Eve tradition.

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