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Stop the Fight! by Dr. Michelle Brody is a cleverly illustrated relationship guide that helps couples literally see their way out of hurtful, repetitive arguments. Relationship conflict is complex and challenging to change. But in her work with couples, clinical psychologist, Michelle Brody developed a way to make change a bit simpler. Using evocative drawings and diagrams that illustrate the hidden forces that drive the most familiar battles, Dr. Brody shows couples effective strategies for finding a way out of the boxing ring in her new book, Stop the Fight!

Michelle Brody, PhD, is an executive coach and clinical psychologist with over 20 years of professional experience as a practicing therapist and a specialist in resolving relational conflict. Her background also includes extensive experience in teaching, coaching and scientific research. She has served for more than a decade as a senior trainer for psychologists and as a business consultant, teaching others what will and won't catalyze lasting change. Dr. Brody is the founder of Coaching for Couples, an innovative practice for couples seeking time-efficient change.

Points to Ponder

On page 5, Dr. Brody states:

"Certain methods clearly work better than others. As we all know, and as many communication experts remind us, kindness or helpful suggestions usually achieve better results than demands, criticism, or threats. But sometimes, what we think of as a helpful suggestion brings surprising resistance from our partner. They don't listen or change what they're doing, and they may even get angry, and start a fight. What a frustrating mystery!"

The illustrations in Stop the Fight! serve as a quick reminder to stop then make adjustments in the argument.

The triplets of A's - appreciation, assumptions and awareness make several appearances throughout the book. Learn how to use them to change the nature of the fight.

Who would benefit from this book?

People who get caught up in any of the following types of fights:

  • The Partner Improvement Fight
  • The Proving Your Point Fight
  • The Nagging-Tuning Out Fight
  • The Escalating Fight
  • The Household Responsibilities Fight
  • The Birthday Fight
  • The Bad Reputation Fight
  • The You Don't Care About Me Fight
  • The Parenting Differences Fight
  • The Money Fight
  • The Sex Fight
  • The Difficult Relatives Fight

Although the type of fights mentioned in this book pertain specifically to couples, most relationships could benefit from the language and skills that Dr. Brody shares in Stop the Fight!

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