Awareness in Practice: Part 1

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The beauty of the techniques I teach is that you can regularly practice them as you go about the business of your day. They are there for you to use - 24/7, simply by putting awareness (that you are stressed) into practice. The added bonus is that if you do them when you're not stressed, you're accruing interest in the bank of resilience.

As I waltzed my way through the Christmas shoppers, I worried I was going to be late to meet a friend I hadn't seen in a long time. I knew that every minute was precious; I didn't want to waste it weaving around people in the byways of the mall, many of whom were bulked up with packages, frozen with indecision, or engrossed in their cell phones. Please, people, move to the side when you are on your cell phones.

There she was. So with a huff and a puff, I slipped into a chair at the coffee shop. As usual, we picked up our conversation as if it had been yesterday, when it fact, it had been yesteryear.

There was a hitch, though. Even though the dash through the mall had ended, it was as if I was haunted by the shadow of it. My speech was fast and clipped. I could feel myself going a mile a minute. It was far from the place of a relaxed and easy-going conversation that I wanted to have.

One minute, please. I need to settle down before we continue.

And, with awareness and a technique, I did just that. I brought myself back to myself - a place where I was in a better position to have the type of conversation I wanted to have.  I assumed the "C-Position" - calm, composed and confident.

Wow! I'm impressed! Thanks for sharing that - I needed to calm down, too.

This was a powerful reminder of the impact of an in-the-moment demonstration.

Try it:

  1. Notice that you're not how you'd like to be. In my case I was wound up from the rush through the mall.
  2. Do a technique. Pause. Breathe. Regroup.
  3. With a regular stress addressing and undressing practice, I know what it feels like when my autonomic nervous system is balanced. Do you?
  4. Feel better. Calm. Present. Engaged.

Why and How?

Stress techniques help you get more mileage out of you. Your system works more efficiently, which means you're not as tired. You have more to give - not only to yourself, but to those who matter to you. Ask me about programs or the options that are available if you're more of the DIY type.

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