Hanging On

On a recent dog walk, I came across a couple of trees that didn't get the memo that autumn and winter had passed. For some reason, they could not let go of last year's leaves.

Is there something that you have difficulty releasing - a memory that refuses to fade? An event that you relive, each time you recall it? Perhaps it's a wrong that you can't seem to make right. Forgiveness may be needed, but no matter how much you try, you can't seem to do so.

When you activate the power of the heart, some things just drop away. Issues appear to melt. That's been my experience.

When you regularly address and undress your stress, receive an A+ for awareness, acknowledgement and acceptance.

auntie stress hanging on

2 Replies to “Hanging On”

  1. Love this comparison and it can be applied to many things. I think I’m guilty of hanging on to some things I should NOT
    be hanging on to. Thanks.

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