Syncing in the Pool and Everywhere Else

Marianna swimming front crawl in an outdoor pool.

In order to swim, a number of processes need to sync  - respiration, coordinated arm and leg movements and the right emotional and mental attitude to keep you from the other kind of sink-sink-sinking.

You can add more breadth to your swim by syncing your heart and brain so that you perform well, not only in the water but, as it turned out for me, for work.

Generally, topics for blog posts come to me while I'm out walking Holly, our dog. The other day, as I was swimming, I was flooded - in a very good way - with at least seven ideas for blog posts. I was in the zone and in the flow - emotionally, mentally and physically!

Sinking, Not Syncing

When the two branches of your autonomic nervous system are out of sync, which is what happens when one begins to drown in their emotions, you don't feel well nor do you do perform well.

You may:

  • Be clumsier.
  • Notice that your coordination seems to be off.
  • Feel unsettled.
  • Have mood swings.
  • Take a long time to recover from upsets and disappointments.
  • Struggle to make decisions.
  • Make poor choices.
  • Have insomnia.
  • Experience energy drains.

If you feel like you're sinking under the weight of mismanaged emotions, which lead to a chaos within the autonomic nervous system, it's time to reclaim and restore the balance.

Practice Makes Perfect When It Comes to Syncing Your System

Emotions - they make you human. They allow you to connect with others and they serve as a vehicle with which you can share your set-backs and successes, triumphs and tribulations, sadness and joys, and a whole fleet of other emotions. It's important to be aware of how you're feeling. When you notice that those clouds of negative emotions are hanging about, you'll benefit from a shift in the wind - a shift that helps to balance your nervous system and to experience smooth heart rhythms.

The more often you practice getting in sync, the more often you shower in feelings of well-being. You'll notice an increase in energy. Things don't seem to bug you as much. You feel more confident in your abilities, which seem to bloom on a regular basis.

Think Sync

Throughout your day, check in with yourself. How are you feeling? What is going on in your heartmindbody? Pause. Appreciate. Recall a pleasant memory. How do you feel? Not just in your head, but throughout your body.

I have trained myself to recognize when I make the shift into sync, because I have not only felt it, but I have had lots of practice seeing it. How about you? When you are in sync, you feel good, emotionally, mentally and/or physically. Do you feel good?

Need Help?

I can help you get in sync, with a short targeted coaching program. What would it mean to you to be able to get in the swim, in the flow and in the zone? Maybe all at once, like I did in the pool.

I'm now offering group coaching. Did you know that you could get your coaching program for half-price or even, for free?

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2 Replies to “Syncing in the Pool and Everywhere Else”

  1. Marianna,

    Thank you for sharing just how much in the flow you were the other day swimming that you had 7 blog ideas pop up ! 🙂

    I love your suggestion for stopping at various points in the day to check: “What is going on in your heartmindbody?” and then to “Pause. Appreciate. Recall a pleasant memory.” These steps will help us become more aware of how we are feeling throughout the day, as well as increasing the number of times we are feeling better (with the positive memory/gratitude exercise).

    This important concept of being in synch brings to mind the following beautiful [Kurdish] saying: “The root of all health is in the brain. The trunk of it is in emotion. The branches and leaves are the body. The flower of health blooms when all parts work together.”

    1. Dorlee,

      I am in appreciation of your ability to effectively summarize what I wish to convey in a blog post. The Kurdish proverb you shared is like a beautiful bouquet of words that brightens the day. Thanks you for taking the time to enhance this post.

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