Give Yourself the Green Light for Health

Your self-talk can galvanize you into action and motivate you to make changes that give you the green light that will move you into better health.

Ask yourself the right questions, then let your brain go to work to figure out how you can best answer them. Then, watch how you begin to adjust your attitudes and behaviours to meet those answers as you steer along the roadways of life.

If you are struggling with a chronic illness, or just want to get healthier, check out my post on Health Central: Green Light Questions to Move You Into Better Health. I've created an experiment for you, complete with sample questions.

Will you let me know what you noticed as you worked through the exercise?

2 Replies to “Give Yourself the Green Light for Health”

  1. Marianna,

    Thank you for your wonderful “Green Light Questions to Move You Into Better Health” post. I tried leaving a comment there but I seemed to be having trouble logging in…

    I LOVED this post and here is what I tried to say:

    Thank you for providing us with your wonderful “what if” experiment.

    It is a simple yet powerful tool that shifts our brains from being in a fixed mindset to a growth mindset and in so doing, we are able to suddenly see not only the possibilities of feeling better but also the hows (or steps) of achieving this goal.

    With “what if” or “how do I”, suddenly better health and well-being become within experiences that we can strive for and attain.

    This tool is much more potent than a mere positive mindset because you become empowered with the creativity to overcome roadblocks, thoughts and beliefs that prevented you from feeling as well or as healthy as you could be (with whatever limitations etc. you may have).

    1. Dorlee,

      Thanks for persevering – your original comment did get published. I will let HealthCentral know that you had experienced difficulties with the site.

      I love how you were able to beautifully summarize my post. Or, to loosely quote our friend, Jacqui – add value. 🙂

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