The Picture of Health

You’ll find them in a prominent position on a mantle, debonairly displayed on the walls and halls of a home, alluringly arranged in a photo album or securely stored on a disc. These are the photographs that weave together the threads that make up your life. Stories are told, memories are shared and feelings evoked as you look at the people, places and things that inspired you to “click”.

What about the picture of your health? Is it complete or are there certain aspects of your health that are a little out of focus? Perhaps some piece of your picture of health is missing altogether, just like a photograph that’s been eaten away by time or insects?

Some of the factors of good health and a sense of well-being include:

  • Genetics

  • Clean water

  • Proper nutrition

  • Effective sanitation

  • Freedom from as many chemical additives as possible

  • Exercise

  • Rest

  • Healthy body weight

  • Environment

  • Social connections

  • Emotional management techniques (stress techniques)

  • Spiritual connections (through religion, nature, art, etc.)

The picture of health is like a photograph that is well-composed. The focus is sharp, the colour saturation is accurate and the subject is well and truly in the picture.

If you cut out or blur one tiny section of the photo, there’s a good chance that you would still be able to make out the picture. Continue doing this with other sections, though, and eventually the picture would be completely unrecognizable.

Imagine that the photograph is a representation of good health. Each small section is a factor that contributes to good health and well-being. At various points in your life, you may be neglecting or ignoring some of those factors. You may not even be aware of the importance of them to the whole picture.

I marvel at how resilient, yet fragile the human body is. Why can some bodies take so much abuse and still function? What accounts for the differences?

Given the resilience of the human body, you are able to maintain your health, or at the very least, bounce back in a reasonable amount of time. However, at some point, when you ignore, or blur another aspect of health, you suddenly (so it seems) succumb to ill-health and dis-ease.

When you balance your nervous system, through the power of your heart, you learn to treat the cause of stress, not just the symptoms. Why wait until the weekend, the bathtub, or your vacation to do something about your stress, meanwhile soaking in all those stress hormones? When you have techniques readily available you can refocus and improve the picture of your health.

It doesn’t take a lot of time, once you know what to do. Learn techniques and balance your nervous system. Find out how to make appreciation and your positive thoughts and emotions work for you.

Do it - for the health of it!

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