Capture the Ordinary…

Cabbage Shredder

...because as the years go by and the world changes, the ordinary will seem extraordinary.

In A Rheumful of Improvements, I mentioned the rationale for getting more fermented foods into your diet. That brought back a memory. Fortunately, that memory is validated by photographic evidence.

I grew up on a farm. One field was always devoted to a crop of cabbage. Each fall, my sister and I would help harvest the cabbage. Our job was to throw those icy orbs of cold cabbages into the bed of the truck. They were then put into our cold storage - a creepy spot in the basement that spurned many tales of fright.

We were later recruited to help my grandmother make sauerkraut. She had a wooden contraption that looked like an enlarged mandolin, which was then placed over a big wooden barrel. Salt was added before it was moved to the porch. Then, a wooden lid was placed over the cabbage and it was weighted down with a large rock. The porch had no heating; I think those -30/-40 Thunder Bay temperatures helped to create the perfect conditions for wonderful additive-free sauerkraut.

I was surprised to learn that the cabbage shredder is available from and

Why would you want to capture the ordinary?

For many reasons. It shows where we've been and how far we've traveled. It's a record that is part of the genealogy of our time here on earth. The things we considered ordinary simply because they were everyday things.

If you've spent any time on Pinterest, you'll see various boards with things we've left behind. If you're like me, those items often evoke a feeling - a nostalgia for something that signified a different time in your life. Did you know that you can actually use those feelings to help you address and undress your stress?

What ordinary things do you predict will become a vapour trail on the horizon of your memory?

Participate in an ordinary project!

Take a photo of an ordinary object in your home. You could even make it a family project for one of those rainy days when the kids don't know what to do. Write a headline, a paragraph or a story and link up to it here, by leaving a comment. You may also pin to my Pinterest board called - you guessed it! - Capture the Ordinary.

You'll now have a record of those ordinary things that will become extraordinary at some point in the future. I look forward to seeing your creations.

Address and Undress your stress!

To find out why feelings matter and how you use them to feel extraordinarily better, contact me.

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  1. Hi Marianna, This cut glass jar sat on my mother’s dresser all through her life. It might have been my grandmother’s before her and now it’s mine. I think year ago you would store cologne in it and wet the stopper and touch your pulse points. But it’s a large creation!! Thanks for this interesting idea. Beth@Boomer Highway Here’s a link to the photo.

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