Giveaway: Rheumatoid for a Day!

How many times have you struggled to open blister pack or clam shell packaging? Nimble-fingered or not, it can be quite a frustrating and time-consuming exercise to get at the contents of those plastic packages.

So, if you don't have trouble with your fine motor skills, and yet you still struggle with those #$%! packages, spend some time thinking about the difficulties that people with rheumatoid arthritis experience when they want to do everyday things - like turn a doorknob, open a water bottle, or use cutlery.

Many of us have hands that are ravished by a disease that not only seems to have a voracious appetite for the synovial lining of the joints, but also impacts many other parts of the body. In a press release, Kelly Young has done a fantastic job explaining the effects of this disease and the rationale behind Rheumatoid Awareness Day.

I've had the good fortune to virtually make Steve Fisher's acquaintance. He generously sponsored a giveaway for the Zip-it Opener on A Rheumful of Tips. This gadget is a much-need addition to any household, especially in our super-sealed world.

Woohoo! Another giveaway!

Steve has agreed to offer another Zip-it Opener as a giveaway. See below for how to enter. By the way, you can always order your own Zip-it Opener directly from here.

I'm sure that if you're like me, you spend time designing gadgets in your dreams. Things that would make life easier - devices that would help you do things that most people take for granted. Steve took it a step, or rather, many steps further.

I was curious about the entire process, so I asked him about it. This is what Steve said:

"It is a rather involved process of going from idea to reality. I started with the desire to help my mother have the freedom to purchase those hard to open plastic packages and not worry about how she was going to get them open. She actually did not purchase some items because she did not want to have to ask someone to open them for her. She is a very independent lady.

We started with a patent attorney, a design company and eventually a manufacturer in a revolving order as we progressed through the design and mechanical stages of development. We made several models and prototypes to experiment with. Eventually we took a trip to China to make arrangement for the final manufacturing and testing of the finished Zip-it. We also worked with a graphic designer for the logo and other elements such as the packaging. We had a web designer that built our web site and other companies integrated into the system for shipping to our customers. Our office is located on my daughter's ranch in Walla Walla, Washington."

How to enter to get one for yourself or for someone else:

In case you've never entered via Rafflecopter, you'll need to log-in with either your email or Facebook account. Then, click Do it! in the upper right hand corner. Follow the instructions, clicking Do it! for each option that is presented to you.

It is mandatory to leave a comment here on this post in order to be eligible for the draw. Re-posting to Twitter and Google+ is optional.

If you have a mailing address in Canada or the US, you are eligible to enter this fantastic giveaway.

Good luck!

26 Replies to “Giveaway: Rheumatoid for a Day!”

  1. so happy to hear us sufferers have a day for this awful disease! thank you so much for this information it is so greatly appreciated.

  2. I would like someone to invent a gadget to insert and remove cards, like AMT cards and new room keys, from thin slots. I’d also like some gadget to help with putting on earrings .

  3. My favorite gadget is my ebook (Kindle) – makes reading so much more comfortable, especially with larger books!

  4. Yay – ‘Happy’ RD Day! My favorite gadget is my iPad, just like Taylor (kinda! haha). It really makes things so much easier!!!

  5. It is a shame that we have to have packaging that MOST people cannot open easily, and that I cannot, without help from kids.
    Or the Zip-It Opener!

  6. Wow that’s a very handy looking gadget. My wrists and hands are always hurting due to arthritis and the fact that I work online. IE lotsa typing! Though I recently got a ergo keyboard, the pain isn’t going away any time soon. This gadget would absolutely be welcomed in my house!

  7. My biggest problem is with opening bags such as for chips, frozen chicken, etc. With my trigger fingers, they lock up when I open these bags. I keep scissors everywhere so I can cut the bags.

  8. I don’t have RA but still struggle with opening some plastic packages that are sealed like they are containing gold and I sit there with scissors plying away at the outside [and sometimes I need to ask my husband for assistance]. It is rather absurd the lengths firms go to in order to avoid shoplifting. There has to be a better way.

  9. this gadget sounds amazing….I no longer cook due to my hand limitations but I do still need to open packages and this sounds like a very helpful tool! thanks for sharing Marianna!

  10. I really enjoy reading your posts, especially when you mention a new aid for those of us who have RA. The Zip-it Opener sounds like a great tool.

  11. Thanks to everyone for entering. Elsie is the lucky winner of the Zip-it Opener. Please stay tuned – I have other great giveaways planned!

    You can also order the Zip-it Opener from the link in this post, and from Amazon.

  12. Thanks again, Marianna for the Zip-it Opener. It works great!! Now I can open these packages by myself without the assistance of my husband 🙂

    1. I’m so glad that the Zip-It Opener gives you back some independence, Elsie. It’s often the small things that make the biggest difference.

  13. This gadget would be extremely useful in this household. My husband and I both have RA, so any assistance opening difficult items would be a blessing.

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