The Magnitude of Gratitude

Gratitude is not a sign of weakness, as some people are wont to believe. Gratitude does not mean servitude. Nor, will gratitude diminish you. Quite the contrary.

Gratitude will lift you up. It will also provide you with another piece to your daily stress undressing practice. A regular expression of gratitude is not only good for the receiver, but you, the donor, also benefits. When you see how your heart rhythms respond with this practice, your improved sense of health and well-being will be yet one more reason to be grateful.

Right now, think about something or some place for which you are grateful. Or someone. Close your eyes. Place your hand over your heart. Now, it's time to make a scene - no, not that type of scene! You're going to visualize, or re-imagine, the scenario. What do you see? Is your sense of smell involved? What kind of sounds do you hear? Is it something you're eating or drinking? What is the texture like? Finally, how do you feel? What do you notice about yourself, either emotionally, mentally, physically or spiritually? Even a slight lift is to be noted and appreciated!

Take it a step further

How are you able to communicate this deep, heart-felt sense of gratitude to the person or people responsible? It could be with words that include an explanation about the why's or the how's. Perhaps you might like to step back in time and send an actual hand-written note or card. Be sure to go deep and explain what the gift or act meant to you. With a little thought, you can craft a thank you note that is a keeper.

What else can you do?

  • Give someone your full attention and time
  • Smile
  • Buy someone a cup of coffee or tea
  • Treat someone to something they would like
  • Provide a referral
  • Use social media, if appropriate

What will you do right now to expand the magnitude of your gratitude?

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