A to Z of Stress, Undressed Recap

Oh, my! How a month flies by when you blog on a daily basis, but then I knew that from my daily, year-long blogging project - A Rheumful of Tips.

I hope that you enjoyed the thirty-one Days of Stress, Undressed. My recommendation is that you digest it slowly. Take your time to implement the suggestions; you're creating new habits and new habits take repetition.

If you're not getting the results you'd like, perhaps it's time to get some encouragement and take a targeted, five-hour program that will help you negotiate the ups and downs of life with grace. Downs like job loss, cancer, or the diagnosis of other serious illnesses, death, or relocation. Then, there are the more mundane, everyday eat-away-at-you-stressors, such as rush hour traffic, arguments, squabbling children or a lack of time.

Regardless of scope, without techniques at hand, your ability to bounce back may be hampered and in fact, with each successive set-back or irritation, that bounce becomes less of one. That is the cumulative effects of stress.

For your reading pleasure, here is the A-Z of Stress, Undressed with a couple of Mirthful Monday posts added in for good humour:

Day 1 - The Happenstance of a Conversation Leads to 31 Days

Day 2 - A - Autonomic Nervous System

Day 3 - B - Breathing

Day 4 - C - Cortisol

Day 5 - D - DHEA

Day 6 - E - Empowerment

Day 7 - Mirthful Monday - A Tale from the Road

Day 8 - F - Feelings

Day 9 - G - Gastrointestinal Tract

Day 10 - H - Heart

Day 11 - I - Inspiration

Day 12 - J - Joy

Day 13 - K - Knowledge

Day 14 - Mirthful Monday - The Debaters on Spelling

Day 15 - L - Learning

Day 16 - M - Memory

Day 17 - N - Notice

Day 18 - O - Optimism

Day 19 - P - Perception

Day 20 - Q - Question

Day 21 - Mirthful Monday - Difference between Cats and Dogs

Day 22 - R - Rejuvenation

Day 23 - S - Synergy

Day 24 - T - Thinking

Day 25 - U - Unhealthy

Day 26 - V - Values

Day 27 - W - Wait-Training

Day 28 - Mirthful Monday - Juxtaposition

Day 29 - X - Xylophone

Day 30 - Y - You-You

Day 31 - Z - Zone

Let's have a fifteen minute chat to see if you're ready to undress your stress. Contact me to set up your appointment.

2 Replies to “A to Z of Stress, Undressed Recap”

  1. The month has come and gone, but it’s not really gone, because you have done a beautiful job of capturing it for use, letter by letter. Thank you for continuing to share your invaluable tips with us, Marianna!

    1. Kathrin, as you know, the A to Z was an idea I had sitting in the wings – your find provided the perfect venue. Thanks for spotting the project!:)

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