Z – Zone

Day 31

That special moment when skill, technique and conditioning all come together is called what?

That's an easy one, of course, especially since I gave you the answer. It's being in the zone.

The more you address and undress your stress by accessing the power of your heart, the more readily you are able to get into the zone.

Being in the zone is something I didn't really have much experience with prior to my Auntie Stress days which began in 2006. How could I? I was too stressed.

It's a magical feeling - freedom, creativity, flow. Sometimes, it seems as if time stops, but because of the balance of the nervous system, I don't feel spacey or disconnected. It's a wonderful blend of the practical and the mystical, of skill and flow.

Are you able to get in the zone? What does it feel like? Is that something that you would like to experience on a more regular basis?

"Fight fire with fire."

This is especially true when it comes to undressing your stress. It's the way you feel that elicits the stress response and it's in learning to change the way you feel that transforms your stress.

You have an app for that! It's your heart.

Learn how to put it to work for you.

2 Replies to “Z – Zone”

  1. I love when I am in the Zone. When i am fully there I have no hunger, thirst, tiredness or concept of time. I am lost in my creativity. Often I emerge to discover it is 2am in the morning. Oh the zone.

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