Y – You-You

Day 30

If you've ever felt that your emotions resemble the actions of a yo-yo, you might want to consider how much stress you are under. Up - down - up - around - down - up. You-You to Yo-Yo!

How do you feel when you are stressed? What emotions do you use to describe yourself? Perhaps you feel as if you are fluctuating from one extreme to the next - that there is no sense of control. That it is just how you are and nothing can be done about it.

When your nervous system is balanced - when you are able to recognize your stress triggers and are equipped with do-in-the-moment techniques - you may be pleasantly surprised to discover how much better you'll feel - how your emotional roller-coaster becomes less of a frightening ride. It is empowering to know that you have skills to impact the functioning of your autonomic nervous system.

To recap, your perceptions trigger the stress response. The ensuing chemical cascade is meant to assist you in survival - to run, to chase or to be still - flight, fight or freeze. This prehistoric programming has not been updated in 2013 - you are still responding to your perceptions, as you would have if you were stomping around in prehistoric times. What has changed has been what you perceive as a threat and how you handle that threat.

When you change your perceptions, you change the chemical cascade. Different chemicals have a different effect. Think about when you are with someone you love or doing something that engages your attention to the extent that you lose track of time. Now, think about the chemicals that are flowing through your body. Seriously, really think about them, and how they are impacting youThe composition is different than when you are gritting your teeth in rush-hour traffic or going to an event you have no desire attending.

Get curious. Learn what you can about stress and how it takes its toll, not only on your emotional health but also on your mental, physical and spiritual health. The great news is that you do not have to throw in the towel. Be committed to make changes and you will reap the benefits. I have and that's after decades of being stressed and not even recognizing the signs and symptoms.

4 Replies to “Y – You-You”

  1. I love this thought: “When you change your perceptions, you change the chemical cascade.”

    Somehow just reading your words helps remind me to be aware of how my body feels in the moment, breathe in and out, and re-balance. Aaah … I can feel some of the tightness in my back and neck release. Oh those sneaky chemicals!

    I so agree. One of the most important things we can do for ourselves is de-stress. Something I have to remind myself every day. OK. Almost every moment. Thanks for the great reminders, Marianna.

    1. Ronnie Ann, if I had known you were stopping by, I would have put the coffee on! LOL!

      I half-joke that I am my own best client. Developing a self-monitoring system is such a vital piece of the health and well-being puzzle. Without that awareness, it’s hard to make a change – to reset your course.

      Will you let me know how you get on?

      1. Smiling. It would be my pleasure, Marianna. I’ve been dealing with the physical manifestations of stress for many years. While I’ve found quite a few things that help, I’m ever-so grateful that lately the awareness window has started to open even more – and blogs like yours certainly help!

        Uh … would decaf tea be ok?

        1. Full Auntie Stress points to you! You have to start somewhere, and opening the “window” is a great start. You get fresh air (oxygen) and the view (perspective) is better.

          Decaf Tea coming right up! 🙂

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