U – Unhealthy

Day 25 

You are vigourous in your exercise regime. You watch every morsel that crosses your lips. Your water is pure. Your vitamins are carefully researched and duly swallowed. Smoking? Ugh! You visit the doctor with Swiss-like precision for those annual check-ups. You know your family health history. You take your annual vacation.

And yet, you still feel unhealthy.

Why are you feeling this way? What is missing from the equation?

Could it be that you have yet to invest time in transforming your stress? It's an on-going process - once you learn the techniques, you practice them anywhere, anytime - from the boardroom to the bedroom, the classroom to the living room, the golf course to the concourse. Even like I did - on the operating table.

Have you ever noticed that it takes you the first half or more of your vacation before you finally feel like you are yourself? That's the cumulative effects of chronic stress. Cortisol, the stress hormone, will accumulate in your body and you know that's not good for you.

Stop saying "I don't have time to deal with my stress." If you don't make time, stress will deal with you. Five hours in total, one hour each week, will set you on a trajectory from unhealthy to healthier. Contact me or more information.

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