S – Synergy

Day 23

Loosely defined, synergy is the cooperative or combined action of two or more forces, resulting in more successful or productive outcomes. In the chapter on Synergy in Hit the Ground Leading, Angela Mondou states:

"Combine forces. Create the synergy between resources and skills and be ready to share the spotlight, even if it means giving up a chance to sit in Oprah's greenroom."

Do you wonder where you can get a surplus of synergy?

It's not a secret nor is it difficult to find. In fact, you already have it in your possession. Perhaps you get a glimpse of it when you effortlessly and efficiently float through your workday or when your workout doesn't feel like one? Maybe you've noticed it when your team (colleagues, friends, family) combine forces and met and/or exceeded your desired outcomes with Teflon-like ease.

The not-so-secret secret to achieving more synergy lies within you. It's your personal and portable stress undresser - your heart!

When you learn about the science and the art of your heart, you begin to appreciate what this organ and muscle can do for you.

Synergize your health and well-being

What do you do when your car has trouble starting, idles roughly or runs poorly? You probably quickly bring it in for servicing. How about when you have trouble starting, idle roughly or run poorly?

Stress impacts the operation of "your car" - you may have trouble getting up, getting to sleep and/or functioning well throughout your day.

When you learn techniques that treat the cause of your stress, not just the symptoms, it is the equivalent of getting your car tuned up.

Your heart, that great rhythm master, will help to synergize the systems in your body. Imagine when your respiratory system, blood pressure rhythms, immune system and brain all work cooperatively together! This is what happens when you practice techniques that include activating genuine feelings of appreciation or when you recall a precious memory.

The trick is in learning to recognize the difference between just thinking about feeling better, and feeling better. That's when it is beneficial to see how your heart rhythms respond to how you feel. Witnessing the change in your heart rhythm when you move into positive feelings is a powerful driver of change.

As you practice, you'll realize greater energy savings as your system work more efficiently. In fact, you're re-calibrating your system to the way it was before stress invaded your life. Isn't it encouraging to know that you don't have to outsource your health and well-being once you learn what to do in five one-hour sessions? (Contact me for a no-obligation chat.)

Synergize your family

What if you could equip your family with tools and techniques that would help them successfully negotiate the detours on the map of life? How about enhancing performance when life is like a newly-placed highway?

What if each family member could work off of the same "owner's manual"? It would certainly make the trip easier, wouldn't it?

Together, as a family, you could celebrate the strengths and support the weaknesses of each member and create an invisible but palpable power source of synergy.

Understanding. Acceptance. AppreciationCelebration. Support. Cooperation. Love. All brought to you by the intelligence of the heart.

Synergize your workplace

Have you ever noticed that some work environments are a joy to work in or to visit? It's noticeable, even if the type of work that is conducted there is dangerous, dirty or demanding.

It's a special blend of people who, when put together, create an environment that is productive, efficient, creative and caring. The infectious spirit of synergy surges through the organization, making it a place where people like to work; where they feel valued and where there is low employee turn-over.

How is this achieved? With good leadership. With people who know how to access their heart intelligence in order to work cohesively, respectfully and creatively.

When you become attuned to the frequency of synergy, which requires practice, you begin to notice that you default into even greater synergy, regardless of the environment in which you find yourself.

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