R – Rejuvenation

Day 22

To rejuvenate is to make young; to restore to an original or new state.

Aging is a fact of life, in spite of what Hollywood insists. It is impacted by a number of things. Genetics. Food. Exercise. Environment. Stress. Study Is First to Confirm That Stress Speeds Aging. Note that the article mentions perception!

You may not even be aware of it, but as you become worn down by stress, you change. Check your posture, your voice, your skin tone. Even how you think and feel can be clouded by the constant activation of the stress response.

Do you have a youthful state of mind or have you become fossilized in your thinking? When the world weighs heavily on your shoulders, it is difficult to feel and be young at heart.

One of the ways in which to mitigate the effects of stress-related aging is to actively engage in techniques that transform your stressTechniques that depend upon the healing power of the heart, which is the strongest organ in your body. A good place to start is with appreciation.

Stop stress-induced aging. Address and undress your stress and listen for the compliments that will come your way!

For some more thoughts on how to integrate the principles of transforming your stress, please see Gabriel's Hounds.

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