M – Memory

Day 16

A client was frequently beating herself up because she was having "senior moments" even though she was no where close to being a senior. Her self-talk was not serving her well; in fact, it was becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. We worked on developing an awareness of when/how she was sending forget messages to herself.

By learning stress techniques, she could put the focus on what was important at a particular moment in time, rather than on what is stressing and distracting her.

When the nervous system is balanced, the prefrontal cortex (PFC) works well. The PFC performs a number of functions, including being responsible for working memory, otherwise known as short-term memory. It is the part of the brain that holds transitory bits of information in the mind where they can be manipulated, so that complex tasks can be performed.

Another factor working against memory is the high level of cortisol that is common in chronic stress. There are a number of studies that show that elevated levels of cortisol can impair memory.

All is not lost, though. By working on transforming stress, cognitive function can be restored. Memories made. Attention paid.

Start paying attention to where your attention wanders. When does it happen? How are you feeling?

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