K – Knowledge

Day 13

Knowledge is one of the tirumvirate along with awareness and practice that allows you to address and undress your stress.

You have decided that enough is enough and that you're tired of being stressed out. You don't want to wait for the weekend, that spa date or your vacation before you finally begin to feel more like how you were before stress made itself at home in your body.

I'm all for gaining knowledge about stress - what it is, the signs and symptoms of stress and how it impacts you and others. Stress transformation is a on-going process; it's not like cramming for an exam, then letting that knowledge sit on the shelf, collecting dust, rarely to be revisited.

When you put that knowledge into practice, by regularly practicing balancing your nervous system with the power of your heart, you not only improve your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health, you also build resilience. Resilience which will help you weather the storms of potentially stress-filled events.

Become aware of when you are doing something that brings more of what you don't want (stress). Apply your practice of putting that knowledge to work. Witness how your knowledge has become a currency that is priceless. What price do you place on feeling better?

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