Mirthful Monday: A Tale From the Road

Humour, grins, guffaws, laughter, smiles. Partake often to help you unravel that tightly wound ball of stress, so you can travel through your life with greater compassion, ease and efficiency.

In case your funny bone is broken, the good news is that bones mend, which I wrote about on Your Funny Bone.

One summer, my friend and I were driving from Thunder Bay, Ontario to Toronto, Ontario, a distance of 1,889 kilometers.

As is wont to happen, we were getting punchy on that long, gorgeous stretch of highway around Lake Superior. A glance out my rear view window revealed a site that had us break out into somewhat hysterical laughter.

My knitting project, which was in a bag in the back seat, had unraveled out the window. We could see a long trail of yarn dancing in the wind, travelling along with us.

Just how long is a ball of yarn, anyway?

I'd love for you to share some of your amusing tales from the road.

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