The Happenstance of a Conversation Leads to 31 Days

I just happened to arrange to meet Kathrin Hardie for coffee today.

I just happened to wonder whether I should do a daily post on Auntie Stress Cafe, now that A Rheumful of Tips (ART) is coming to a close.

Kathrin just happened to know about this 31 Days Project on The Nester's site (thanks for taking the time to stretch our writing skills, The Nester).

And 31 Days of Blogging just happens to begin tonight!

Thanks to Kathrin's friendship, knowledge and support, I launched ART where I posted tips, tricks and strategies and offered giveaways for 365 consecutive days on how I continue to move through life, even after more than thirty-five years of living with rheumatoid arthritis. I can hardly believe that I was able to accomplish that goal, and then surpass it.

Thanks to encouragement from Lene Andersen and an award or two, I decided to extend ART to 500 posts. I'm almost there. In fact, there will be just 3 more giveaways before I reach 500!

Day 1

For decades, if you had looked up the definition of stress, you would have seen my picture. Yes, I was the self-acclaimed poster girl for stress. It's not exactly the type of pin-up I wanted to go for!

Many times, I've heard that "it's just stress."

There's nothing just about stress, though. It affects you emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. It's contagious, too - have you ever noticed how you might have inadvertently taken on the stress of those around you?

The great news is that anyone, at any age, can learn to rewire their nervous system, leading more to how one is naturally meant to be, not how one normally is, now.

I hope you'll join me over the next 31 days. I'll provide you with information, ask you questions and hopefully, get you thinking - and doing - something differently to undress your stress in an A-to-Z format. Aren't you curious how I'm going to work in that letter X!?

Day 1 - The Happenstance of a Conversation Leads to 31 Days

Day 2 - A - Autonomic Nervous System

Day 3 - B - Breathing

Day 4 - C - Cortisol

Day 5 - D - DHEA

Day 6 - E - Empowerment

Day 7 - Mirthful Monday - A Tale from the Road

Day 8 - F - Feelings

Day 9 - G - Gastrointestinal Tract

Day 10 - H - Heart

Day 11 - I - Inspiration

Day 12 - J - Joy

Day 13 - K - Knowledge

Day 14 - Mirthful Monday - The Debaters on Spelling

Day 15 - L - Learning

Day 16 - M - Memory

Day 17 - N - Notice

Day 18 - O - Optimism

Day 19 - P - Perception

Day 20 - Q - Question

Day 21 - Mirthful Monday - Difference between Cats and Dogs

Day 22 - R - Rejuvenation

Day 23 - S - Synergy

Day 24 - T - Thinking

Day 25 - U - Unhealthy

Day 26 - V - Values

Day 27 - W - Wait-Training

Day 28 - Mirthful Monday - Juxtaposition

Day 29 - X - Xylophone

Day 30 - Y - You-You

Day 31 - Z - Zone

2 Replies to “The Happenstance of a Conversation Leads to 31 Days”

  1. Marianna,

    I take my hat off to you. You are always ready to take on another challenge!

    Someone else may have seen such a blogging endeavor as a stressful inducing event and thus been stressed out, but you seem to be looking at it as a fun opportunity to spread the joy of undressing stress and as a result, are feeling probably excited and joyful about this activity. An excellent illustration of undressing stress 🙂

    I have no idea of what you’ll come up for X but then I don’t know what you’ll do for Z either. Fortunately, you have many days to dream and be inspired… Looking forward to your next 29 posts!

    1. Ah, you know me well, Dorlee. 🙂

      I am excited about this project. With A Rheumful of Tips winding down, I was feeling like I needed something to sink my teeth into, and this happens to be it!

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