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Recall something you fretted over last month. Are you easily able to bring it to mind? How important was this “issue” when you now have difficulty recalling what it was that had consumed so much of your time and energy?

Dithering, fretting, obsessing or worrying are all "ings" that can elicit the stress response.

The "what ifs" that, in most cases, never come to fruition, are a reminder of the time you lost - the time which can never be credited back to you.

When you learn to catch those thoughts, you can take back something that is precious: time.

But first, you have to be aware that you are on that particular hamster wheel of thinking and feeling. The one that leaves you feeling exhausted, frustrated and angry - the one you can't seem to stop.

When you catch yourself, you can redirect your thoughts and emotions. Recall a positive event such a vacation, an opportunity or a visit with a good friend. Notice how it feels to have a change in your heart rate variability (HRV).

Oh, you say you don't know what that feels like?

Well, I can help. I have technology that shows you your heart rate variability - the  beat to beat changes in your heart rate. In other words, it is the measure of how your heart speeds up or slows down. Studies have shown that the more erratic this change, the more compromised one's health becomes. Negative emotions such as anger, fear or worry contribute to a change in HRV. The good news is that you do have an influence over your HRV.

Improve your emotional, mental and physical health by improving your HRV.

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