#481 – Nothing Lowly about Lowe’s

Last year, Lowe's opened a new store in a neighbouring community. I was excited to read about their shopping enhancing experience. This is of benefit to anyone who has mobility issues. It is reminiscent of a time when service like this was the norm, not the exception. There was no need to explain what the customer could expect - it was just done as a normal course of business.

Lowe's introduces the triplets of enhanced shopping:

  1. 3-In-Line Policy - since standing can be tough for someone with rheumatoid arthritis,  giving the customer care associates autonomy to open another till benefits anyone who is struggling to take care of some errands, even through the pain and fatigue of a chronic illness.
  2. Help Buttons - with a store as large as Lowe's, the tiresome time-gobbling wandering trying to find help is halted.
  3. Carry-Out Service - to someone who has joint pain and limited mobility, opening a bottle of water can be as tough as cracking open a macadamia nut without a nut cracker. So, this service makes light of what is often a daunting task for someone who has RA.

This harks back to the type of service that was the norm when stores had hardwood floors and cashiers needed to know how to count out your change. It was the type of service I remember receiving when I would tag along when my mom or dad when we went shopping to town. 

It is the type of service that is memorable, particularly for parents with small children, seniors and those who are mobility-challenged.

Over to you. Where did you last receive platinum service on a shopping trip?

Disclaimer: I have not been reimbursed by Lowe's in any way for this review.

5 Replies to “#481 – Nothing Lowly about Lowe’s”

  1. I am an armchair shopper Mariana. I get most things delivered at home from the grocer who extends this service or shop on the internet and couriers bring in the merchandise.

  2. The Safeway in Lynn Valley always asks no matter how big or small your order is if you would like to have some help loading your purchases into the car. SaveOn Foods in the same mall doesn’t. Can’t really think of anywhere else where we go regularly that even asks.

    When we were kids we went to Woodwards Food Floor in Park Royal. You could wait outside w/ your cart (under cover) while Dad went to get the car. Then there were fellows to help speed the line along putting groceries in the car.

    If we went to SuperValue via the bus during the week, you could have your groceries delivered. You just told the cashier you wanted it delivered and the order would be packed in a box.

    Gee, all these old customer service features if still provided would not only be great for seniors and those needing assistance, they would be jobs for teenagers.

    I seem to remember someone tried to start a grocery delivered type site in Vancouver. Order online and have it delivered. Not sure if the idea ever took off. Certainly haven’t heard about anything like that in our area.

    Oh, and the lineup thing, Walmart, Superstore and SaveOn certainly don’t have the 3 person waiting rule. Even an able body person can struggle hanging onto their purchases while in line when the store does not have carts provided.

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