Lift Your Spirits – Share in the Joys of Others

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Let me tell you about a little trick I use that helps me feel better. It also functions as magnet, pulling in people, places and things that put a smile on my face, a wiggle in my walk and a song in my heart.

It didn't come naturally. In fact, it was downright difficult. Especially, when my life wasn't going well, when my self-confidence was down in the dumps. I'm not proud of it but, in the past, I would be jealous, making everything about me, me, me. "Why can't I...?" "I never seem to..." "Such and such never happens to me." This only served to keep me stuck in the very place I didn't want to be.

I have taught myself to to rejoice and share in the pleasure and successes of others. Whenever someone I know has won a contest, received an award or has been offered an awesome opportunity, I make sure I congratulate them with heartfelt sincerity. I compare it to the birthday tradition of celebrating with cake. I'll take a second slice of goodwill, please and thank you!

By being genuinely happy for those I know, I easily access my heart. The more I do this, the more at peace I feel. Sharing in the joys of others brings more opportunities and joy to me. Opportunities such as thisthis and this.

Be like the sunflower. Turn your head to benefit from the glorious rays of the sun or, in this case, from the success and joys of those you know, like and love.

All this from using the power of your heart - the essence of who you are and how you are.

When you undress your stress, it becomes easier to share in the joys and successes of others. You are free to work more efficiently - to live more in accordance with who you are meant to be, before stress took your life hostage.

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4 Replies to “Lift Your Spirits – Share in the Joys of Others”

  1. This is perfect! I have found this exact thing to be true. Hearing about others successes lets me know that life is always okay and brightens even the hardest days.

  2. Hello Marianna,

    My smile got bigger and bigger as I read your post. Definitely uplifting. Definitely a good tip.

    What got my smile started was when I read “a wiggle in my walk”, which instantly reminded me of one of my dogs. He absolutely wiggles when he walks and that always puts a bit of shine in my day. By the way, did you catch this post? >> “10 Wellness Tips from Your Dog” ( Thought you might enjoy it.

    Wishing you Joy!

  3. Hi Jackie,
    It’s no wonder pets are so good for us – their abilities to be in the moment and to express joy never ceases to amaze me.Thanks for the link to the Wellness Tips. Something that those of us who are dog owners have the privilege of enjoying.

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