#478 – Moving? Ownership of Medical Records

This is one batch of my archived medical files!

I met Leslie Rott at Pfizer's First RA Blogger Summit. I certainly felt for her as I read about how her attempts to be the responsible patient ended up giving her a walloping big $hock.

This public service post - What Happens When Your Medical Records Aren't Yours? - sent me to Google to see what I could discover about Canadian laws in respect to a patient's medical history.

Basically, the doctor or health provider owns the medical records.

In 1992, the Supreme Court ruled that patients had the right to view their records, although provincial and territorial legislation might supersede the Supreme Court ruling.

Are you planning on moving? Would you rather spend your money on something other than copying your records? Book some time (hours?) for yourself at your doctor's office and start snapping photographs of the pertinent pages. There's a good chance that you won't need all of them.

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  1. All records, xrays, scans, test results etc are handed over to the patient at the time of discharge from all hospitals in India. It is very rare for specialists and GPs to maintain records in their offices here and the patients normally take all their records when visiting them.

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