#473 – Hospital Head

There's hat head, bed head and now, there's hospital head. That's the grungy, stick-out-in-all-directions hair you get when the type of surgery you've just had dictates that you're not allowed to shower or bathe for X number of days/weeks.

There is a solution, though! Dry shampoo.

I never did use it during my surgeries, but I think it would have been a important item to put on the Bring to the Hospital List.

This is the next best thing to that joyful feeling you get when you are finally allowed to stand under the shower head. It is a small thing, but when you've been denied it for a period of time, it can become a huge source of delight and gratitude.

Delight, joy, gratitude and other positive emotions are great tools to use to transform your stress, which helps speed healing and recovery. Stress dampens natural killer cell cytotoxic activity. NK cells affect the immune system and provide protection from viral infections.

Never mind washing that man right out of your hair! Instead, wash those positive feelings right into your scalp!

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