Illuminating High Beams

I opted for the slower country roads as I made my way back from a neighbouring community. Had I taken the freeway, the drive would take approximately one and a half hours.

As I made my way along roads that bordered large fields of crops and stands of trees, daylight suddenly surrendered to darkness. It was as if someone had hastily pulled down the blinds on the day. Apart from the lights coming from the odd house or farmyard, it was as dark as could be on this clear, star-sprinkled night.

I felt cosy and cocooned in my car. The dog was in the back seat, occasionally snuffling while snoring. The radio was attuned to a light jazz station, which quietly provided accompaniment to the sound of the tires on the pavement.

As the kilometers rolled on, I was thoroughly enjoying this slower-paced drive. I realized that it's been far too long since I've used my high beam headlights - they're not called for when driving in the city nor are they recommended for zooming along traffic-filled freeways.

That drive reminded me of road trips, adventures and the joys of driving. It illuminated memories of my hometown - a much smaller city in North-Western Ontario, where life was quieter. Where nature reigned.

When you engage in activities you love or recall how you felt while you sift through your cherished memories, you have the beginning ingredients to concoct a powerful auntie-dote for stress. You feel it in your heart. With practice, you are able to change the signals that go to your brain - from jagged to smooth. From stress to progress, desperation to inspiration.

Learn techniques and develop skills that allow you to shine a light on the ordinary, as well as the extraordinary. Light up and glow and grow from the inside. See more of what you want to see. Remember that stress can dim your ability to see options and solutions.

What I lost in time on that slower-paced country drive, I gained in health and well-being. I increased my resilience - the equivalent of refilling my fuel tank.

What are your high beams illuminating?

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