#466 – I Will Write 500 Posts

The first thing that popped into my head as I sat down to write this post was a slightly revised chorus in The Proclaimers' "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)".

"But I will write 500 posts", sang Marianna, thanks to Healthline.com and Lene Andersen. As a result of their encouragement, a seed of an idea was sown, nurtured and grown. That idea? Take A Rheumful of Tips to an even 500.

After reaching my goal of 365 daily tips, I thought "Phew, I'm done!" Then, I decided to add another 100 posts; however, in the nether regions of my head, small supporting voices were urging me on, so "I will write 500 posts".

I was recently interviewed by Carrie Gadsby, the Communications Manager for The Arthritis Society, BC and Yukon division. We had some delightful and moving conversations during the interview process; it highlighted the fact that support pulses like a heart beat, reverberating outwards and inwards - support for and support from, a two-way street with arteries that lead to connections and ideas, belief and confidence.

Kind words spoken and taken to heart translate into "I can go on", regardless if it is another day or another blog post.

Here is the link to the article which appeared in the June issue of Impact: A Mentor Among Us.

Thank you to Carrie, Lene, Healthline.com and Kathrin!

And now, for your listening (and singing/dancing) pleasure:

10 Replies to “#466 – I Will Write 500 Posts”

  1. LOVE your words above: “support pulses like a heartbeat”
    Beautiful way of putting it.
    Go, M, Go! Your writing is brilliant, insightful and inspiring on so many levels.

  2. Very interesting interview. I can just see you soldiering on to do 500 posts. Plus you have 2 blogs.
    Good idea to take the pressure off by making the deadlines flexible.

  3. Wonderful interview, Marianna! And I have no doubt that you will succeed in reaching your goal of 500 posts. May I suggest adding a new/additional goal once you’ve achieved that milestone? Publishing an e-book based upon your favorite posts? Onward and upward!

  4. Way to go Marianna! Keep up the strong advocacy work. I loved reading the article. Didn’t know that you were a teacher. I was also at one time.

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