#459 – Mirror, Mirror

auntie stress flexion
That's the extent of my flexion.

Perhaps many of you can relate to the loss of movement in your wrists.

As you can imagine, cleaning mirrors can require some acrobatic moves worthy of Cirque de Soleil performers.

I'm always on the lookout for products that will make light clean of this chore.

I was using the Raggedy Anne type tool you see on the left. It was better than nothing, but I found the mop-head to be as rigid as my wrists.

auntie stress mirror cleaning tools

Then I found this tool (pictured on the right) with its flexible, triangular-shaped head. What a difference it makes!

Both items are available at dollar stores. They do the job without having to spray glass cleaner, plus the covers are washable. Chalk one up for the environment!

In case you want to know, here's a handy image that describes the movements of the wrist.

6 Replies to “#459 – Mirror, Mirror”

  1. That looks quite helpful, but it must be a lot of work on a big mirror. Teniis makes me think of Venus Williams and her Sjogren’s Syndrome

    1. Annette, we have a double-doored, mirrored closet which you see upon entering our house. It would bug me that I could never get it as sparkling as I’d like it. This thing certainly makes a difference. Now, if only it were automated! LOL!

  2. I have a problem with my arms and shoulders when cleaning mirrors these days. Thanks for the idea of using the triangle shaped tool. Going to look for one next time I’m near a dollar store.

  3. I can relate. I think that I shared with you my problem of right ulnar palsy arising out of a slipped disc in the neck portion of the spine. I am disadvantaged in the right hand to the extent that the last three fingers have a mind of their own, but as I was advised by the surgeon and the neurologist, I have adapted and have learnt to use my right hand with some of the tools that you had recommended a couple of years ago.

    1. Ramana, I think you’ve adapted because you’ve accepted that to do otherwise would not help you. It’s a huge positive step when living with changes that are forced upon us.

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