#457 – Setting Your Intention

It can be easy to get bogged down by loss - whether it be of sight, hearing or mobility. It's something that rheumatoid arthritis patients know all too well.

One of the many things that helps me move through life with rheumatoid arthritis (and hearing loss) is to have a strong emotional management strategy that allows me to weather the flash of a flare-up (which doesn't happen often, any more, thankfully), or the other blips and dips that occur on the highway of life.

On Set Your Alarm Clock! I shared some of what impressed me from Michael J. Fox's experiences of living with his particular brand of a chronic disease - Parkinson's Disease. The symptoms are not the same, but the strategies used to live with a chronic illness can be universally applied.

As time goes on and you glean new information, your strategies change. You may have lost flexibility in your body, but you can exercise it with your mind. How have your strategies changed over time?

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