Stress. You. Research.

I feel this way about all the stress research that is continually being done. It all pretty much says the same thing.

Chronic stress harms you. Maybe not this year, or next. Perhaps it'll hit you in ten or twenty years. This is long after you've become accustomed to stress. In fact you feel abnormal when you aren't experiencing the roller-coast ride of highs and lows that stress can be.

Do your own research. You are a living, walking lab. Start getting curious. Notice. How do you feel? What are your symptoms? Then, if this is not how you want to live your life, do something about it.

Stress - it's in you to change. Or not. But, I really hope that you do - for your sake and that of your family, friends and community, because when you feel better, you do better. That helps all of us.

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