#441 – Readers’ Roundup of Resources 5

I have the best visitors! Thanks for adding value to ART.

On Drinking Fountains, Oceanesque introduces us to the merits of water bottle refill stations.

Nancy Glover reminds us to grab some envelopes to use at those poorly-designed bank machines on Too Well Enveloped.

On From Chopin and Beyond - Part 2, Elle Andra-Warner and Casper McFadden share some inspirational thoughts. What inspires you? If you have trouble answering that question, you would benefit from some stress undressing techniques. It's amazing what a balanced nervous system does for your sense of well-being.

Dorlee M. gets inventive on Exam Time. On Vacuums that Suck, she muses about the efficacy of a robot vacuum. Any opinions?

A cultural difference is shared by Ramana on Dining Out. Then on No Need To Apologize, he expresses a concern that is a reality for many caregivers.

On Leveling the Seating Field, Kia tells us that sometimes it's worth paying a bit extra.

Annette imparts some good advice on Knives.

Casper McFadden gets today's last word with a quote that you've heard many times. You'll find it on Nurturing Nature.

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