#440 – Joint Ventures in the Kitchen

Image courtesy of Julien Tromeur

If you like to cook, but find some recipes too daunting, check out the unique rating system on Tanya's blog, Mom's Small Victories. She warmly welcomes you to her RA Test Kitchen, where she has devised an RA Ease of Prep Rating System.

You'll find categories ranging from breakfast right through to dessert. Tanya invites you to send in your family favourites, making it a true joint venture. This section will be a work in progress, expanding as she tests new dishes. Hopefully, it'll only be the list that expands! 😉

Bon appétit!

3 Replies to “#440 – Joint Ventures in the Kitchen”

  1. Thanks so much for sharing my blog and the recipes I find that are RA friendly and easy to make. I am always trying new recipes for my family and would love readers to share recipes with me to try out and add to my site!

  2. They look like good recipes and easy to make. Also has a nice list of gifts for us. I’m ready for some presents today but all I am doing is picking up library requests

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