#432 – Birthday Cakes and a Compromised Immune System

Even if you're not on any immunosuppressant medication, you may wish to adopt this birthday tradition. Not only does it reduce the spread of germs; it also incorporates the whimsical Power of the Wish. Wouldn't it be great if the power behind those wishes is amplified, just because people combined their wishes? 🙂

You can always count on a creative and unique twist when you interact with Maarten. I have a new birthday tradition, thanks to his twist on the traditional birthday ritual of blowing out the candles on the cake.

Along with a slice of cake, we each received a hand-crafted votive and, with tea-lights brightly glowing, the birthday girl asked us to make our wishes. Then, upon her signal and with a collective breath, we blew out our respective candles.

auntie stress birthday lights

I have since implemented a version of The Power of the Wish at our family birthday celebrations. So along with wishes of good health and well-being, we're keeping anyone who may have a compromised immune system safe.

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