#430 – Exercising Your Approach

Recently, I've added a new component to my exercise routine, regardless of whether I'm out on my dog walk, swimming lengths at the pool or breaking up my work day with a dance around the living room. It's all about attitude - strengthening that heartmindbody approach I like so much, which, since it's all connected, I consider this to be one word.

I'm not unfamiliar with physical pain nor is anyone who has rheumatoid arthritis. Flare-ups, hip dislocations and that seemingly interminable wait for hip replacements all spell p.a.i.n.

These days I'm feeling pretty darn good. So, just before I begin to exercise, I celebrate it - my joints, my muscles, me - for being able-bodied enough to do those things I can still do. If you're a gardener, you know the benefit of prepping the soil, prior to planting. This celebratory exercise is the equivalent; it sets the scene for a better outcome. I find I step livelier, swim faster and dance with more joy.

If you find yourself dreading your exercise routine, think about the fact that you are still able to do what you're doing, then celebrate it! Celebration is also a wonderful stress undresser. Remember, it doesn't have to be a celebration of epic proportions, although who wouldn't want to mark it with a trip to Bali or even to the Watsu Pool in Hawaii!

Are you wondering how to celebrate? Pat yourself on the back. Thank yourself. Sing a song. Do a little dance. Light a candle - be sure to blow it out before you leave the house, of course!

How else can you celebrate you and your mobility?

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